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Om oss

MM // Marketing Manager
André Clark-Utvik
+47 934 46 500

  • Linkedin Sosiale Ikon

CEO // Chief Executive Officer
Gard Aleksander Bjørnstad
+47 41 40 48 48

  • Linkedin Sosiale Ikon

BMS // Back Office Manager & sale
Stig Nikolaisen
+47 90 19 36 79


HUB iGAB is a solidly anchored insurance broker with guarantees, brokering of insurance contracts, and nautical insurance as a special field. iGAB offers professional advice on major insurance contracts on an hourly basis.

Employees have had special expertise in insurance since 1985, and mediation since 2000. The business was established in 2019 and is subject to a license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, with the head office in Oslo.


iGAB Guarantee aims to offer all the guarantees your business needs in your projects. If you have special needs that are not covered by our existing products, we strive to find a tailor-made solution.

iGAB has a skilled, competent and flexible team with committed and experienced advisors. With our background, we have what it takes to prepare and deliver targeted deliveries for our customers. We only cooperate with international insurers who are rated A or better as well as the Norwegian insurance companies.


You as a customer should experience insurance as simple and be completely safe with regard to your future.

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